Signal Lost

Synopsis: Signal Lost tells the story of Aaron, a work-at-home father struggling to bond with his adopted toddler while longing for the closeness he had with his deceased daughter. Aaron cycles between frustration, despair and madness before making a final, irrevocable choice.

Director: Bruce Wood

Lead Actors: Stephen Shane Martin, Aaron Christian Rivera, Zack Rhett Thompson, Dillon Viktoria Kurmisa, Keri Harley Lugo, Eva

Run Time: 12:00

​Genre: Thriller/Drama

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th


Synopsis: A shy office worker tries a new hobby.

Director: Sam Goodrich

Lead Actors: Sam Goodrich, Michael Mentz

Run Time: 7:20

​Genre: Comedy 

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th


Frank vs God

Synopsis: After his house is destroyed by a tornado (what his insurance company deems an "act of God"), former hotshot lawyer David Frank is determined that someone must pay. He decides to serve God...with a lawsuit.

Director:  Stewart Schill 

Lead Actors:  Henry Ian Cusick & Ever Carradine

Run Time: 01:30:00

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Rating: PG

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th 



Art of Sin

Synopsis: A young boy, Jacob, gives a presentation to his class of his hopes and dreams as we witness a surreal chronicle of future events. Engulfed by the brutal realities of life, Jacob must come to terms with what it means to be human.

Director: Stephanie R. Clark

Lead Actors: Daniel Cooksley, Blake Ryan McGinnis, Cory Anderson, Tyler Picchi, Elizabeth Arnold, Aiden Lane, Megan Raitano

Run Time: 8 Minutes

​Genre: Drama

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th

Land of Nod

Synopsis: Young man struggles with isolation.

Director: Trenton Long

Lead Actors: Harryson Thevenin

Run Time: 14:00

​Genre: Sci-Fi

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th

A Moral Quarrel

Synopsis: With a billion souls hanging in the balance, an Angel and the Devil influence a man struggling with a moral dilemma.

Director: Peter Fiji

Lead Actors: Tyler Robert Conrady, Derek Russell Toombs, Meredith Branham

Run Time: 03:30

​Genre: Drama

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th

The Florida Man

Synopsis: Bucky is a local Florida man who discovers his home ablaze under mysterious circumstances. He is left homeless until Jimmy, a life-long friend, comes and takes him under his care. Unbeknownst to Bucky’s knowledge, Jimmy exploits Bucky to pay off his debts to a deadly crime ring.

Director: Christian Kleinsmith 

Lead Actors: Aaron Trout, Rich Boyd, Madeleine Murphy, Darren Wright 

Run Time: 15:00

​Genre: Dark Comedy 

Playing Date: Saturday, February 10th