One More Rock

Synopsis: A vagabond living out of a van drives back home to find it empty, up for sale, and his younger brother still living there.
Director: Shane Johnston

Lead Actors:  Samuel Hunter, Freddie Jarrett

Run Time: 13:00

Genre: Drama

Playing Date: Friday, February 9th 


I Tried to Give Up

Synopsis: A convicted felon while serving a short prison term, is mentored by the prison chaplain. Hopeful and full of faith he's excited to re-enter society to support his wife and ailing young child. Only to face the harsh reality that even though God is forgiving, the community in which he once criminalized is not so forgiving - forcing him back to a lifestyle that initially led him to prison. Will his faith, the same faith that carried him throughout his prison term be enough faith to sustain him from the harsh judgment and Un-forgiveness of a community he now resides in. 
Director: Ed love 

Lead Actors:  Eddie J. Wilson, Sarah Vaughn Perry
Run Time: 19:51

Genre: Drama

Playing Date: Friday, February 9th 

Mind the Gap

Synopsis: Mind The Gap,  a mix of psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality, is a fun enlightening story of personal transformation with thought-provoking exploration into the nature of perception versus reality .  

Adi, a
38 year old off-Broadway actress, is on the verge of success when her playboy husband walks out on her. As a single mother with little support, her life begins to unravel and her relationship with her ten year old daughter becomes strained.  Amidst the conflicted hilarious bickering of the characters she meets along the way, and with the guidance of Jo, her mentor, Adi begins to peel away the facade of daily
life, personal dramas, and subconscious fears, as she peers into a new reality and a profound Universal truth.

Director:  Ilana Marks 

Lead Actors:  Erin Beute, Julie Moss & George Stumpf
Run Time: 01:34:00

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Rating: Not yet Rated

Playing Date: Friday, February 9th 


Synopsis: When an unexpected person from the past turns Harvey's world upside down. When someone he loves is murdered, Harvey will stop at nothing to hunt down the killer.

Lead Actors:  Andy Gion, Tayler Mejia
Run Time: 16:00

Genre: Action/Thriller

Playing Date: Friday, February 9th 



The Donation

Synopsis: A local transporter answers the call for late night pickup. What entails next is an unsettling ride to his celebration, where unbeknownst to the driver, the passenger is looking to make a donation to the party-goers.
Director: Roberto Vargas

Lead Actors:  Samuel Hunter, Daniel Wieselberg

Run Time: 07:50

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Playing Date: Friday, February 9th