Doors open @ 5:30pm
Screening Starts @ 6:
Friday - February 9th, 2018
- Duplicity Directed by Kenneth Cuadrado
- The Donation Directed By Bobby Vargas
- One More Rock Directed by Shane Johnston
- I Tried to Give Up Directed by Ed Love
Sneak Peak Screening of Mind The Gap 

   - Directed by Ilana Marks 
   - Not yet Rated     

   - Starring Erin Beute, Julie Moss & George Stumpf
Mind The Gap,  a mix of psychology, quantum physics, and spirituality, is a fun enlightening story of personal transformation with thought-provoking exploration into the nature of perception versus reality .  

Adi, a 38 year old off-Broadway actress, is on the verge of success when her playboy husband walks out on her. As a single mother with little support, her life begins to unravel and her relationship with her ten year old daughter becomes strained.  Amidst the conflicted hilarious bickering of the characters she meets along the way, and with the guidance of Jo, her mentor, Adi begins to peel away the facade of daily life, personal dramas, and subconscious fears, as she peers into a new reality and a profound Universal truth.

 - February 10th, 2018
- Morrel Quarrel Directed by Peter Fiji
- The Florida Man Directed by Christian Kleinsmith
- Signal Lost Directed by Bruce Wood
- Art of Sin Directed by Stephanie Clark
- Land of Nod Directed by Trenton Long
- Upswing Directed by Sam Goodrich
Frank vs God 

    -Directed by Stewart Schill             
   - Rated PG             

   - Starring Henry Ian Cusick & Ever Carradine
After his house is destroyed by a tornado (what his insurance company deems an "act of God"), former hotshot lawyer David Frank is determined that someone must pay. He decides to serve God...with a lawsuit.